What to Expect When Hiring House Cleaners

Many people have domestic cleaners to help around the home, but if you have never had one before you may…


Many people have domestic cleaners to help around the home, but if you have never had one before you may be unsure of what to expect when hiring house cleaners. There are multiple benefits to hiring a domestic cleaning company that you may have considered or not thought about before. When thinking about what to expect when hiring house cleaners, we of course must talk about all the benefits that contribute towards making you feel happy in the condition of your home.

From expecting to have the same cleaner visit each week, to not knowing what tasks they will do when at your property, we hope to answer any of the queries and questions that you may have. Hiring a house cleaner is a great option for properties of any size, but do make sure that you are fully informed before making a hiring decision.

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Working Relationships – What to Expect When Hiring House Cleaners

Cleaning is more important than ever right now, with increased hygiene being needed throughout the home in order to keep our families safe. We know that coronavirus germs can stay on a variety of surfaces for days at a time, which is why we must all clean key touchpoints regularly. A domestic cleaner will help to keep your home clean and tidy.

 Typically, when you hire a house cleaner, the same cleaner will visit your house for every appointment. You will have the same regular cleaner, giving you the opportunity build and develop a working relationship. Your regular domestic cleaner can get to know your likes and dislikes, meaning that they will be able to provide the best clean possible for you and your family.

You will quickly realise just how much of a difference house cleaners make, with your home and mind feeling happier as a result. Some people can be put off by the thought that there will be strangers in their home, moving their belongings out of place, yet this is simply not the case. 

Even if you are not sure what to expect when hiring house cleaners, good cleaners will encourage great communication between both parties. You can tell your cleaner exactly how you want your property to look, and they will do their best to match these expectations. As you will have the same domestic cleaner visiting you for every appointment where possible, you will not have to repeat yourself every single time a cleaner arrives. 

Benefits – A healthier home

When you are in healthy environment you are more likely to stay healthy in mind and body. This means that by having a professional cleaner come to your house, you are more likely to feel happy due to the clean state of your home by the time they have finished. 

A recent study by ScS (2020) has found that a TV remote could be up to 20 times dirtier than your toilet! A professional domestic cleaner will be experienced in that they will know exactly where to clean to ensure you are staying healthy. They will also know exactly which spots are dirtier than others (even if they are not visibly dirty) and will have the correct materials to get rid of all the germs and bacteria.

There has also been research that shows when you have a clean home, you feel more relaxed and less stressed. This probably has something to do with the fact that when your home is clean you can relax without having to worry about the dirty surfaces, floors, and other items in your home. You can enjoy relaxing in the evening without having a voice in the back of your head telling you to clean that remote!

Professional Results

A home cleaned by a professional domestic cleaner will be a spotless home. You can be sure that every area of your home will be covered when a cleaner comes to visit, as they will take the time to make sure the results are perfect. 

A domestic cleaner has the knowledge, expertise, and skill to ensure that your home is looking spotless every time they visit. This is great for is you are having people over, are in need of a good clean, or if you just do not have time for the weekly clean yourself. 

You can also rest knowing that your domestic cleaner wants to make sure that you are happy with the results. This means that they are more than likely to go out of their way to ensure that they cover every inch of your home, making sure that you are satisfied with their visit. 

Gives you more free time

One of the most convincing reasons as to why you may want to hire a domestic cleaner is that it means that you can spend your free time doing what you please, rather than cleaning. Usually a good house clean will take at least a couple hours, and considering how much time you have in the day not working or running errands that doesn’t leave much time to relax or to do whatever makes you happy.

They do the cleaning for you meaning you can spend your time doing more exciting or interesting things. Whether you want to use your free time to complete other tasks, go out and do something fun, or just sit and read a book that is up to you! 

The last thing you want to be doing at the weekend is cleaning, but this may be the only time you have free to do it. By hiring domestic cleaners, you can have your weekends back to do whatever you wish. 

They are flexible

When working with a professional cleaning company, you can talk to the cleaners and customise your cleaning package. This means whether you are just looking for a light clean or a full house deep clean, domestic cleaners can help you. 

There are certain companies that will combine their packages for you too depending on your cleaning needs and budget. For example, if you want your home cleaned but are also looking to have your oven deep cleaned, then you can discuss this with the company who will let you know how long this will take, and therefore an estimate of how much it will cost you. 

There are also certain requests that you can make to ensure that you get your money’s worth and that all your needs are met. What we mean by this is that sometimes, cleaners will do a visit to the home (at your request) so you can go through what you want with them. This will give the cleaners a better idea of how long the job will take and what they will need to bring with them. 

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Will handle the areas you avoid

There are certain tasks in our homes that we all try to avoid for as long as possible. Maybe you hate dusting a particular hard to reach light fixture, or maybe you hate spraying down your shower. Whatever it is, a domestic cleaner will be able to do the dreaded job for you. 

When there are certain jobs that you hate doing, it becomes so much harder to muster up the ability to do it. When you hire a domestic cleaner to do it for you, it saves you the hassle of building yourself up to it. This is because what you hate doing is just part of the job for a cleaner, meaning they will have no problem doing these tasks for you. 

Industry equipment and materials

Another benefit to hiring domestic cleaners is that they have access to industry standard cleaning materials, solutions, and equipment. This means that your home will not only be clean but will be clean to the best professional standard possible. 

The professionals will know which equipment is best for each surface and item that requires cleaning meaning that the clean will be done expertly. This also ensures that nothing will be damaged, for example an expert knows that some surfaces can become scratched during certain cleaning materials, but a novice may not know this. 

Cleaners at a domestic cleaning company know what cleaners and equipment to use in each area of the house, therefore optimising cleaning time and leaving every single room in a spotless condition. 

Can schedule regular visits

The final benefit on our extensive list is that if you think that the cleaners have done a great job (which they will!), then you can book in regular visits with them. This means that you do not have to worry about cleaning ever again! You can use your precious free time to conduct other activities all while having a beautifully clean home. 

You may even be able to schedule in appointments for the same time each week, for example. This means that you can factor in other activities around when the cleaner is in instead of having to worry about having the house cleaned last minute.

There can be even more benefits that are personal to you when it comes to having your home cleaned for it. Book one today!

What To Expect From A House Cleaner’s Visit

Below is a general checklist that domestic cleaners follow to make sure that you are getting good value for money. There are a lot of tasks that can build up so the cleaners know from their countless experiences what should be cleaned when they visit for a domestic clean. 

All Rooms:

  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Dust picture frames
  • Clean and wipe the door handles remove finger marks
  • Dust lamp shapes
  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove fingerprints and dirt
  • Clean around fireplace and radiators
  • Polish mirrors and glasses
  • Clean windows ledges


  • Clean and polish all cupboards and drawers, removing stains, dirt, and finger marks
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer, removing dirt and finger marks
  • Clean the cooker hobs and outside the oven
  • Clean the microwave inside and out, remove stains, and finger marks where possible
  • Clean all appliances like dishwasher, washing machine etc. removing dirt and finger marks
  • Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary
  • Wipe clean the extractor over the cooker
  • Clean and wash the sink, shine taps and tiles around the sink
  • Clean and wipe the door handles, remove stains, and finger marks where possible
  • Dust lampshades and light switches where possible
  • Empty bins, change bin bag and wipe down bins
  • Sweep/vacuum or mop the floor (if not carpeted)


  • Clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out, clean and disinfect toilet bowl inside and out, polish where necessary
  • Clean and wash the bathtub, polishing the taps
  • Clean the shower cabin
  • Clean and wash the tiles
  • Polishing mirrors and glasses and chromes
  • Clean and wash all tops and surfaces, polish where necessary
  • Clean towel rack and arrange towels neatly
  • Clean the cabinets (if there are any)
  • Clean and wash the sink inside and out, polish the taps
  • Vacuum /mop the floors and empty the bins
  • Clean and wipe the door handles and light switches, remove finger marks
  • Polish chrome fixtures
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Living/dining room:

  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling
  • Dust chairs and surfaces
  • Dusting brass/silver
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Clean tables and remove finger marks
  • Clean around fireplace
  • Vacuum sofas and tidy sofa cushions 
  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Clean and dust radiators
  • Dust picture frames and lamp shapes
  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger marks and dirt
  • Wipe and dust window ledges
  • Empty bins


  • Clean and wipe wardrobes and drawers
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Dust and polish all tops and surfaces
  • Dust picture frames and lampshades
  • Dust windowsills and ledges
  • Pick up clutters, clothes left outside of the wardrobe etc (if required)
  • Make bed, fluff pillows, straighten duvet
  • Change sheets if required 
  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger marks and dirt
  • Vacuum and mop the floor where necessary
  • Empty bins

Entrance Hallway/Stairs

  • Clean and dust skirting boards
  • Dust handrails
  • Clean and dust radiators
  • Dust picture frames and lampshades
  • Clean and wipe light switches, remove finger marks and dirt
  • Wipe window ledges

Requested Tasks:

  • Ironing services, trousers, shirts, dresses etc
  • Wash up dishes and load/unload dishwasher
  • Laundry, load/unload the washing machine
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Refill cotton balls/soap dispenser/toilet paper etc
  • Changing bedding

As well as the requested tasks above, there are other jobs that you can ask your domestic cleaners to do. If you are unsure as to whether they do a specific job, it is worth asking as they may be able to help you. They know that everyone has different homes with different needs, so you have nothing to lose by asking them! Domestic cleaners are usually friendly as they want to make sure that you are happy with their work.  

Different companies may offer additional services, such as the requested services above. You may find that you are able to have a discounted carpet clean every 6 months, or they may offer additional discounts depending on the frequency of your bookings.

In addition to all these tasks, most domestic cleaners will also provide specialised services as well as the tasks on the list. This includes oven cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, cleaning, and polishing wooden floors, gutter cleaning and more! 

Average Costs – What to Expect When Hiring House Cleaners

It is difficult to give an exact number when it comes to the cost of hiring domestic cleaners as there are factors that influence the price. In general, according to ‘inthewash.co.uk’, cleaner prices range from as little as £8 an hour to over £20 an hour. 

In terms of using an agency, the average hourly rate for house cleaning in the UK is somewhere between £12-£20 an hour. This will vary depending on where you live and the quality of the agency you go for. It is a good idea to approach multiple agencies to see what their prices are before choosing which one to hire.

You can also look online at reviews for agencies to decide whether they are worth the money that they charge or if you would rather go somewhere else for your cleaning needs. 

If you do not want to go with an agency, then you can look into local independent cleaners too. They tend to be less expensive as there are no agency fees getting in the way of their clean. This means that you can be expected to pay anything between £10-£15 an hour. Independent cleaners are cheaper as they know that there is the potential that people trust them less due to the fact that agencies provide support and can prove trustworthiness. 

Asking people for recommendations for independent cleaners will help them to get the word out about them and means that they can afford to charge less than agencies, because they are more likely to be busy when the receive glowing reviews.

Even with the costs of a cleaner, it is safe to say that it is worth it. We have already discussed the countless number of benefits that come with hiring domestic cleaners so we do not need to remind you of that, however, keep in mind that the cost includes the number of hours they work for, and their equipment.

When you hire a domestic cleaner, even if you think the cost is a lot, you need to think about the money that you will save from not having to buy every single type of cleaner out there and then spend more money replacing them when they are done. Even with all the store-bought materials, the job takes time and will not be up to the standard of a professional cleaner.

Keep all of this in mind when you are looking at the costs of hiring the domestic cleaners.

Questions to ask if you’re not sure what to expect when hiring house cleaners

What happens if my regular cleaning lady is not available?

Most cleaning companies will be more than happy to send another talented cleaning lady to work with you. They will visit at the same time and days as your regular cleaning lady does.

Do I always need to be at home when my cleaner visits?

Not always, lots of cleaning companies offer a key holding service where you can provide your house cleaner with a spare key to the property, which they will use for each scheduled visit. They will only have access to the spare key when scheduled to clean your property. If you would prefer to be at home when the cleaner visits you are more than welcome to stay.

What will the cleaner do when they are at my property?

This is dependent on your requirements and the allotted time for the cleaner’s visit. Most general domestic cleaning services include polishing, ironing, dusting, bathroom cleaning and descaling, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, mopping, and disinfecting. However, cleaners can work to almost any specification that you give them, as long as you inform them prior to the visit.

Do I need to prepare anything before my cleaning lady arrives?

You will not need to specially prepare anything prior to your domestic cleaning services starting, but there are a few important things to note. The cleaners will be using the cleaning supplies that you have at your home, as well as using your mop, vacuum, and other equipment. You should make sure that you have an adequate amount of cleaning sprays available, as well as a working vacuum. It is also important to ensure that your cleaner has access to hot water and electricity. Aside from these basics, your house cleaner will be in and out of your house in no time, leaving It pristine, with no need for any input from the occupants.

How do I know that my home will be safe?

You should always make sure that you hire a house cleaner from a reputable cleaning company. Check that the cleaners are insured and ideally look for companies that DBS check their staff. Most cleaners are insured, meaning that in the very rare case where something in your property gets damaged during the clean, it will be replaced, or you will be compensated for the damages.

Will I still be able to hire a house cleaner during the coronavirus lockdown restrictions?

Yes, you can still hire a house cleaner during local and national lockdowns. The Government has stated that cleaners are allowed to work in private properties as long as they feel well and have no symptoms. All cleaners will have to wear PPE when working in any properties. Any shared cleaning equipment should and will be disinfected. If any Government advice changes, we will be sure to update our website and let you know.


Hiring a house cleaner can make a huge difference to both your home and your life, helping to remove some of the stress from life and giving you back hours of free time. We hope that you now know what to expect when hiring house cleaners, and the benefits that they can bring. 

Make sure that you always do extensive research before deciding to hire a house cleaner from a particular company. Check their reviews, ask around for personal recommendations and always speak with the cleaning company first to confirm that they can meet your cleaning needs and requirements. If you have any other questions or you are still unsure of what to expect when hiring house cleaners, just get in touch with us!

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