Spring Cleaning

Clean the windows and have a good scrub of those hard to reach places that may have been slightly neglected throughout the year before.


The term ‘spring cleaning’ nowadays has come to mean the process of conducting a deep clean of a room, home, or office. Have you ever wondered where the term came from though? Historically, spring cleaning involved cleaning all the dust, and dirt generated from burning coal, oil, and wood during the cold winter months. 

Spring is the perfect opportunity to let the fresh air into the house, clean the windows and have a good scrub of those hard to reach places that may have been slightly neglected throughout the year before.

You may not have the time and resources to commit to this seasonal cleaning so it may be wise to hire a spring cleaning company to make sure that it is done to a high standard and with the correct equipment. 

What Are Professional Spring Cleaning Services?

Professional spring cleaning services allow trusted cleaning staff to get behind all of the areas that you may not have thought of before when doing your regular cleaning such as the top of your cabinets or under the fridge. 

Seasonal cleaning allows you to deep clean your rooms or even your entire house after those winter months of turning the heating up and leaving windows firmly shut to keep in the heat. 

A professional spring cleaning company will pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom as these two rooms are traditionally the ones that have the most ‘hard to reach’ areas but can get dirty very quickly due to limescale, grease and dirt build up. Hiring a professional spring cleaning company will ensure that these areas are thoroughly cleaned due to the trusted cleaning staff who can bring any home back to a healthy and clean environment to be in. 

Why Hire a Professional Spring Cleaning Company?

We have talked about where ‘spring cleaning’ originates from but nowadays it is a lot more than just doing a deep clean. It requires a lot more thought as it is an annual or twice a year occurrence, meaning that it can be a big task. There is expertise needed, and sometimes sophisticated equipment is required to get the best results. 

  1. Saves your time and energy

If you lack the expertise, technical know-how to use the equipment and the energy or time to carry out such a task, then it is a good idea to hire a spring cleaning company to get dedicated spring cleaners in to use what they know to execute the clean effectively.

  1. Quick and stress-free service

The trusted cleaning staff are sure to take the stress out of cleaning due to their expertise and professionalism. This is also less time consuming because spring cleaners will know what they are doing and will have a method in mind of how to work around the house in an effective way.

  1. It does actually save you money

Yes you read correct! Sure, you have to pay for the professional spring cleaning services, however it is a good spend considering how much it would cost you to buy all of the correct cleaning supplies and equipment needed to do a thorough clean compared to the company who has it all already. For example, you may need a ladder to get to high places that you don’t have or a certain expensive wax to clean the floors. Getting in contact with cleaners will be a way in which you can save money in that sense.

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

Here is a brief list of what should be included in your Spring clean so that you house is refreshed for the rest of the year. It should be noted that each home is different, meaning there are different things to clean! This list gives a general idea of the service that your house will get with a spring cleaning company. 

Every Room:

Clean skirting boards, windowsills, doors, and walls
Dust blinds
Wash windows
Dust and shine overhead lights (and replace any bulbs if necessary)
Dust light fixtures and lamp shades
Mop/clean any floors

In General:

Change batteries in any smoke/carbon monoxide alarms
Check that all electronic cables are stored safely 
Store winter clothing/decorations
Disinfect all computer mice and keyboards
Update the first aid kit including throwing away any out of date medication


Clean out and wash cabinets
Deep clean oven
Move the fridge and clean behind/under it
Deep clean inside the fridge/freezer and clean the outside

Living Room:

Dust and wash any mirrors, frames, and decorative items
Clean furniture and fixtures 
Wash all throws and cushions
Vacuum and shampoo carpets

Wash all bedding and cushions
Flip or rotate mattress
Remove anything from under the bed or on top of cupboards that you don’t want


Clean and disinfect tub and shower
Wash bathmats
Dust any decorative items
Wash/replace any shower curtains or liners


Clean out files and shred any unneeded documents 
Clean and empty any desk draws
Dust and polish furniture
Tidy up bookcase and donate any unwanted items

There are some aspects to seasonal cleaning that require more than just washing or dusting. This is the time to declutter and remove any items that you no longer need to sell or donate to charity. If you are moving any furniture and belongings so that a spring cleaning company can enter your home and do a good clean, then this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of items that are taking up space in your home that you may not have thought of before.

Remember that experts know what they are doing (hence the term) and have done spring cleans many times before. So, you need to think is the hassle, time, and energy worth it, when you could be relaxing and letting our spring cleaning company get to work?

Can I specify what tasks I want doing during my spring cleaning services?

Yes, we are very flexible and aim to please. If you have specific tasks or requirements, just get in touch with our spring cleaning company and let us know prior to the cleaners arrival and they will be more than happy to oblige.

How often should I book spring cleaning services?

Although Spring is the most common time for booking this service, it should not be reserved just for spring! You should view this as seasonal cleaning, and we recommend booking a spring clean and an autumn clean to keep your house fresh.

Do I need to provide any cleaning materials?

No, you do not need to supply any cleaning equipment or materials, our professional spring cleaning team will take care of it. As long as we have access to hot water and electricity, we will be able to perform a brilliant clean for you.

How long do professional spring cleaning services take?

The time for this service is dependent on the size and condition of your property. Please get in touch with our professional spring cleaning company directly for a bespoke time estimate for our spring cleaning services.

Do I have to have my whole property cleaned?

Whilst we recommend that you do get your entire property cleaned, we are more than happy to tailor our professional spring cleaning services to target specific areas in your home.
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