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There are few cleaning methods as effective yet dangerous as a pressure washer. Our pressure washing services include sending professionals to clean different surfaces safely, causing no damage but removing stubborn dirt.


There are few cleaning methods as effective yet dangerous as a pressure washer. Our pressure washing services include sending professionals to clean different surfaces safely, causing no damage but removing stubborn dirt. We do patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, roof cleaning and more!

Pressure washers are powerful tools that can get to hard to reach spaces (like your roof) but can be expensive to buy, takes up room for storage, and if in the wrong hands they can be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to hire experts (us!) to help you with your pressure washing as we have lots of experience and know the tips and tricks that others may not. 

For more about why you should choose us, and details on our pressure washing services then read on!

Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Services?

If you would like to learn more about our pressure washing services, then you are in the right place! There are multiple as to why you should choose us for your pressure washing needs.  

First of all, we have a team of experienced cleaners who know how to handle a pressure washer safely. They know that you need a different amount of pressure for driveway cleaning compared to roof cleaning or patio cleaning. Most importantly, they know how to clean without causing any damage to your property.

If you choose our pressure washing services, you do not have to worry about a thing! We provide the expert equipment necessary to do the job, including all the water that we will need. This is for ease of access as it means that we can easily start the job without hassling you for your water supply!

We can also guarantee you great results! Whether you are looking for a driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning or any other external clean then we know how to get the best results. Different pressures and different solutions work for each type of clean so with our knowledge combined with our team of experts, you can be sure that our pressure washing services guarantee great results. 

If you want to know more then why not contact us today? We pride ourselves in our fast response times as we know how annoying it is waiting on services. We want you to be happy with us so we will respond to your questions and queries as quickly as possible so that we can meet your pressure washing needs. 

For more on the types of cleaning that we do including driveway cleaning and roof cleaning, read on!

Driveway Cleaning 

There are multiple benefits to driveway cleaning. Not only does a stained driveway look unsightly and therefore decrease the physical appeal of a property, but also weakens the surface of the driveway itself. Pressure washing is a fast and effective way to clean your driveway, giving great results.

The difference between the before and after pictures of a driveway that has been cleaned is astounding. The small difference of a good clean really impacts the kerb appeal of a home as stains on a driveway is something that we do not always notice until they are gone, and the driveway looks much healthier.

Our trained professionals know exactly how to conduct a driveway cleaning without damaging the integrity of the driveway or creating any problems for you. Therefore, it is important to go with experts and we provide pressure washing services that are safe but also guarantee results. 

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning using a pressure washer is a sure-fire way to keep your roof safe from the moss and debris that can gather up there over time. These can impact the integrity of the roof, even causing it to collapse in extreme situations. A collapsed roof is the last thing that you want as this can lead to water damage in the home.

Water damage from ineffective or no roof cleaning leads to mould growth which is dangerous for everyone in the family. This is because mould can cause respiratory problems if it is breathed in too much which is of course not healthy for anyone, but is particularly dangerous for babies and children, the elderly, and those with asthma, among others. 

This all sounds serious and daunting, but we do not want to scare you. We think that you should be unformed that the growth of mould can be avoided if you professionally clean your roof as then it will stay strong and continue to protect you and your family. 

For roof moss removal, pressure washing can get rid of any stubborn moss, algae, mould, and fungi that may be not only damaging your roof but also making it look unappealing. Roof cleaning is key to increasing the lifespan of your roof as moss can cause breakages in the tiles which means that eventually they will need to be replaced. 

We fit into this by providing roof cleaning that is approved by professionals. We know how much pressure to use so that we do not cause any damage to your roof, but effectively clean it. 

Patio Cleaning

In addition to roof cleaning and driveway cleaning, our pressure washing services include patio cleaning! You may have never considered patio cleaning before but just imagine the difference that it could make. Driveway cleaning is considered to be for both you and people looking onto your driveway, but patio cleaning… That is for you to enjoy all to yourself! A beautiful garden space is crucial to feeling happy with your home, especially if you are spending more time at home like we all have recently. 

Using a pressure washer is perfect for wood patios as they are strong enough to handle the high pressure without sustaining any damages. Removing any dirt and moss is key to having that dream garden space and we can help you with this! Our pressure washing services mean that an expert can get rid of the unwanted mess safely, leaving you with your dream outdoor space. 

Safety First!

We have mentioned the dangers of an inexperienced pressure washer user so would just like to stress the importance of being safe. No matter whether you are doing a driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, or patio cleaning there are certain precautions that should be taken. Therefore, it is best to leave the job to the professionals (that’s us!) as we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that no damage is caused by our pressure washers.  

You can give our team a call today to discuss any of your driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, or patio cleaning needs. We also clean more external surfaces with our pressure washers so why not contact us today to learn more about our pressure washing services. We are more than happy to discuss what you require and will come up with a competitive and fair price for the best cleaning solution. 

Will I need to be there during the pressure washing service?

As long as we have access to the area that needs cleaning, and running water, there Is no need for you to be there.

Will my plants be safe?

We take all the precautions necessary to make sure that your plants and your garden are left as happy as ever.

How long will it take?

This is entirely dependent on the service that you will be receiving. We will be able to give you a bespoke time estimate once we know more about your requirements.

Can I get a pressure washing service in the winter?

This is an option, but we would recommend waiting until the spring where the ground has better drainage, and there is less chance of the surface becoming icy.
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