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Hiring a house clearance company is perfect for when you find yourself in a situation that requires large amounts of rubbish and unwanted items to be removed.


Hiring a house clearance company is perfect for when you find yourself in a situation that requires large amounts of rubbish and unwanted items to be removed. This can take up a lot of time and money to remove, something that you may not have to spare. By hiring a house clearance company, you can save the hassle of removing items yourself and have experts do it for you!

Why would you want to spend hours of your time going back and forth removing all the rubbish, when you could hire professionals to do the job for you? Other than saving you hassle, you may be wondering why else you should be hiring a house clearance company, why you would need to hire them, how it works, and what they can take. 

Hiring a house clearance company is for when you want anything from one room fully cleared to a whole house clearance. No matter the size of the property, or the condition it is in, an expert team will be able to help you get rid of rubbish that has gathered over the years, or just rubbish that you want gone. 

Why Hire a Professional House Clearance Company?

When you are hiring a professional house clearance company, it gives you total peace of mind that the task will be dealt with professionally and safely. If you were completing the job yourself it could take days and pose a safety risk to yourself, however, the professionals will know how to remove each item correctly. This leaves you with the peace of mind that you deserve during this stressful time.

A professional house clearance company can guarantee you quality of service and efficiency as they have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to clear the property well. Not only can they remove any size items for you, but you can be sure that they will handle the job with the care and respect that it deserves. When hiring a house clearance company, you can expect a quality clearance service with overall efficiency. 

Another key aspect of any good professional house clearance company is that they are environmentally friendly too. They will find the best ways to dispose of or recycle the items that they remove from the property. They will also be experts in what is suitable to go to charity and what is not as they are experienced and will have dealt with a countless number of items before. 

During a house clearance, there will be a lot of items that need to be thrown away. Therefore, it is so important that house clearance companies are environmentally friendly, as instead of large numbers of items ending up in landfill, they can be recycled or reused instead. 

House Clearance Services

Depending on your situation there are different ways to find the best service for you and your needs. For example, if you are needing a house clearance for a family member that has passed away then there may be a company who deals specifically with this kind of work. This is because you may need to work with them to establish what you want to keep and what you want them to throw away. 

Finding the best house clearance company for you means doing your research. Looking at reviews and asking people you know for recommendations is a good way to figure out which company you want to hire. 

It may also be a good idea to ask for quotes from multiple different companies so that you can decide which is the best value for money. You may find that sending images will help you to get the most accurate price as it can be hard to accurately describe your situation over the phone or in an email. Some companies may even request to send someone over to perform an assessment before they give you the quote. 

It is important to make sure that any company you contact has an official license for house clearance. This is because licenced companies will be sure to dispose of the rubbish, waste, and items properly either by recycling, donating, or maybe taking the items to landfill. 

You don’t want to go with a company that will (without you knowing) wrongly dispose of items that can be traced back to you, potentially even leaving you with a hefty fine for fly-tipping. 

Disposing of Items

In general, items can be put into two categories. Items to be sold and items to be thrown away. Items that can be sold include appliances such as ovens, fridges, and washing machines as well as certain items of furniture. This is of course assuming that they are not damaged or faulty. They may also go to charity if they are of a decent quality which is more efficient than throwing them away.

With these items, a house clearance company could go on to sell them themselves and therefore may charge you less to remove them than other items. You could, of course, try to sell them yourself but this will take time to organise when you could have them removed along with all of the other items at a fair price by the house clearance company.

The items to be thrown away include rubbish, bedding, and used clothing. These items will need to be removed from the property by the house clearance company and therefore will be at standard labour, transport, and removal prices. 

There are some items, however that you will need to check with the company as to whether they are trained or have the equipment to remove properly and safely. These items include hazardous materials such as medical waste, asbestos, petrol, and weaponry. There are some companies that will refuse to clear away these items to keep their employees safe, or because they are not trained to remove them. Other companies will have the knowledge and materials necessary to safely remove them.

This is why it is important to be clear and transparent with your house clearance company as to what you need to be removed as you do not want to be in a situation where they refuse to remove certain objects. This could cost you money as they will likely charge you for wasting their time so remember to be clear with what needs to be removed.

Will I have to load the items myself?

No, our professional house clearance team are on hand to do all of the heavy lifting.

How are you going to dispose of the refuse?

This is dependent on the items that we will take and your preferences. Most items will be taken to the nearest waste recycling centre where all items will be distributed for charitable donations or recycling.

What if there are items that I want to keep?

Just let our staff members know if you wish to be there during the house clearance to supervise any disposal of the items.

How long will the house clearance take?

This is dependent on the size and condition of the property. We aim to get the house cleared within one day. However, if we are unable to get the job completed by the end of the day, we will return the next day to finish.
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