Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are arguably the most used surface in your entire home. Pets, children, and everyday use mean that your carpets can get rather dirty.


Carpets are arguably the most used surface in your entire home. Pets, children, and everyday use mean that your carpets can get rather dirty. As well as tampering with the carpet’s look and appearance, dirty carpets can begin to smell, even becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Our professional carpet cleaning team are on hand to get your carpet looking pristine again. 

Even the best looked after carpets will suffer the odd spill from coffee, wine, or a pet. If you have particular areas or stains that require additional attention, please let us know before the visit so that our professional carpet cleaning team can make sure your carpets look flawless. 

If you want to get your carpets looking like they are brand new again, get in touch with us to see how our professional carpet cleaning company can give your carpets and rugs a new lease of life!

Our carpet cleaners use hot water extraction cleaning techniques to give your carpets the best deep-down clean, whilst maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. Our professional carpet cleaning team are well experienced in using Hot Water Extraction cleaning equipment, providing quick and efficient service at highly competitive prices.

Why do I need a professional carpet cleaning service?

Many people often believe that their carpets are clean, as they can’t see the dirt on the carpets, however, there is far more beneath the surface. Even with regular vacuum cleaning on the carpet, this does not guarantee that you will always have a clean carpet.

Vacuuming works well in removing the dust particles that can cause respiratory illnesses, but it has little to no effect on dried in stains. These little spillages and stains can quickly become a breeding ground for germs. No one wants this in their homes, but this becomes a serious concern if there are small children around. You can only imagine the number of bacteria they consume if you have dirty carpets.

Due to all the risks that a household is faced with as a result of dirty carpets, it becomes important to look for a professional carpet cleaning company, whose services get outstanding results. This is because they have the knowledge and the expertise to thoroughly clean your carpets without any worries of leaving any dried stains which can accumulate germs on the floor. A professional carpet cleaning company has machines and cleaning methodologies that most households still don’t have access to and this is why they are the most ideal to take care of your carpets needs. 

What Is Hot Water Extraction Rug Treatment?

Hot water extraction, commonly known as deep steam cleaning, is carpet cleaning method that provides excellent results for nearly every type of rug. It works by using a solution of water and cleaning detergent, which is then heated to a high temperature and shot onto the rug whilst being simultaneously extracted by a powerful suction attachment. 

Hot water extraction cleaning is also entirely child and pet safe, with no unwanted toxins remaining in your rugs and carpets. All of our carpet cleaners have many years of experience, and each member of our wonderful professional carpet cleaning team is highly skilled and knowledgeable in hot water extraction cleaning.  With all of this experience, you can rely on us to provide you with a phenomenal carpet cleaning service that is second to none.

As well as knowing everything there is to know about carpet cleaning, our professional carpet cleaning team are highly experienced and are fully insured. You will be receiving great service from a trusted carpet cleaning company, that is guaranteed all at an extremely competitive price. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is the fabric and padding that covers your furniture such as sofas, armchairs, stools and other seating. It is important to conduct upholstery cleaning as well as carpet cleaning as removing stains and hidden dust/dirt from your upholstery results in a cleaner room. 

Here are a few benefits to upholstery cleaning that you may want to consider when deciding if you want upholstery cleaning as well as carpet cleaning. 

  1. Longer furniture life

Similarly, to carpet cleaning, when you have a professional upholstery cleaning service, this results in your furniture (or carpets) lasting longer. This therefore saves you money in the long run as it means you will not be needing to buy new furniture any time soon. 

  1. Clean upholstery = fresher smell

It’s no secret that a good clean result in fresher smelling furniture. By hiring a professional to do the upholstery cleaning right, your upholstery will have a much cleaner smell than if you neglect them. This results in a fresher smelling room and means that you can sit and rest well knowing that the furniture you sit on has a nice scent and is clean.

  1. Better air quality

Likewise, to clean carpets, upholstery cleaning can mean that the air quality in your home is better. This is because dust and linger deep in the fibres of furniture that can cause allergies to flare up and can agitate the eyes, nose, and throat. Getting a deep upholstery cleaning service to remove all of these harmful fibres leads to better air quality and means that you can breathe well again in your own home. 

  1. Safer cleaning

The upholstery on your furniture should not be cleaned like any other material in the home. They tend to be quite fragile and require a more delicate wash by people who know what they are doing (like us!). By hiring professionals to complete the upholstery cleaning, you know that it all will be cleaned properly, therefore leading to all of the other benefits we have explained above. 

Our upholstery cleaning professionals will be able to decide the safest way to clean your upholstery and your carpets, leaving it all looking as good as new!

How often should carpets be cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned once a year. For people with allergies or breathing problems, such as asthma, carpets should be cleaned by a professional every 3 to 6 months.

How long do carpets take to dry?

Drying times vary depending on how soiled the carpet is, how much water is used, weather conditions, and air circulation in your home. However, one of the perks of hot water extraction carpet cleaning is that the textile flooring will only be slightly damp. In most instances, carpets should air-dry in 3-6 hours.

What if there is a stain left behind?

Although our carpet cleaning company are experts when it comes to removing stains in carpets, some substances can damage the carpet and permanently stain them. Certain chemicals and permanent hair dye can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to remove. If we cannot remove the stain, nothing will!

Will the carpet cleaners move the furniture around?

Our carpet cleaners will be able to move some small furniture such as chairs and a small table. However, when it comes to more substantial items, you will need to have these moved out of the cleaning area prior to the cleaner’s arrival.

What types of carpets and rugs can you clean?

Our carpet cleaners are specially trained to treat different carpet pile types. The majority of carpet fibres can be worked on with the hot water extraction technique, including carpets made of synthetic, woollen, and natural fibres. Our carpet cleaners are also specialised in rug cleaning for Persian, oriental, area, sculptured, Moroccan, Indian, Tibetan, and other rugs. Please get in touch with us to discuss any uncommon rug cleaning needs.
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