After Builders Cleaning

Whether you have had a brand-new extension or just minor refurbishments and repairs, cleaning the mess leftover can be a huge task in itself!


You have had the builders in, they have done a great job, but there is just one big task remaining – that dreaded final clean-up! Do not fear, our expert builders cleaning company are here to take care of the leftover mess. 

Post construction cleaning is often a task that we overlook or underestimate. If you have had to deal with cleaning up the mess that builders leave before, you will understand that even after multiple vacuums and wipes, you will still find remnants of building works around the house. Builders cleans are not for the faint hearted! Let out builders cleaning company take care of the hard work, and get your house feeling like a home again.

Post construction cleaning helps to restore your home and lets whatever building work you have had done shine. From cleaning up those tiny little paint splatters to mopping the well-used floors, our experienced after builders cleaning team are on hand to deal with every aspect of the job. 

Whether you have had a brand-new extension or just minor refurbishments and repairs, cleaning the mess leftover can be a huge task in itself! There is always an abundance of dust, debris, smudge marks, and many other unwanted leftovers. Not to mention the frustrating lingering paint, varnish, and plaster splashes that harden quickly, feeling like a new permanent addition in your home. All of this mess requires the help of a professional after building cleaning team. Our builders cleaning company can help turn your property from a building-site, back into a home again.

Our builders cleaning company are experts when it comes to post construction cleaning. We have years of experience between the team, and offer a quick, effective, and thorough clean-up that will leave your property sparkling and ready for living in again. We use our tried and tested after builders cleaning methods and equipment to ensure that all dust and debris is removed thoroughly and efficiently. We know that you will be entirely satisfied with our builders cleans, which is why we have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. If you are not entirely satisfied with our cleaning, we will come back and reclean the property, entirely free of charge.

Hiring a builders cleaning company can initially seem expensive, especially when you have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on the building work itself. We offer our after builders cleaning services for an extremely affordable rate. Our builders cleaning company will discuss your needs and requirements prior to starting the clean, to ensure that you receive the best result possible. Our expert post construction cleaning staff have years of experience, and our speedy response time makes booking with us a total ease.

We send in our professional after builders cleaning team with our own heavy-duty cleaning methods, and state of the art tools and equipment, to clean your home from top to bottom. Removing dust is often the priority, which means using different types of brushes, mops, and attachments. This level of detailed work can take several cleans on surfaces, fixtures, and fittings to remove dust completely.

Every property is different, but our after builders cleaning services typically include:

  • Internal cleaning of windows, and windowsills and frames
  • Deep cleaning of doors, door frames, skirting boards, switches and sockets, and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning of the entire property, including fittings like cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes. All furniture must be emptied out in advance.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all surfaces in the property
  • Removing limescale from kitchen and bathroom tiles
  • Deep cleaning of sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other bathroom fixtures
  • Internal and external cleaning of all kitchen appliances
  • Deep cleaning of hallways, and stairs
  • Deep vacuuming and mopping of all floors
  • Dusting off all the areas in the property
  • Cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Wiping and polishing hard surfaces
  • Scrubbing bathtub, toilet, and sink
  • Cleaning and polishing tiles
  • Cleaning doors, door frames and handles
  • Cleaning windows, window frames and sills
  • Polishing mirrors and windows
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Removing waste left from the building and renovation work
  • Cleaning light fixtures and switches

Our after builders cleaning services can be personalised to meet your needs. If you do not need the entire house cleaning, we can target specific areas or tasks as you require. Whatever you need, our post construction cleaning team are here to help. Please get in touch with our builders cleaning company prior to the cleaners’ arrival so we can ensure that all of your requirements are met.

Our after builders cleaning team are equipped with all of the top cleaning supplies and equipment to help make your house liveable again. Professional construction cleaning equipment is used for the different floors and surfaces of the property to guarantee that all dust and debris has been thoroughly removed.

If you want to know more about our after builders cleaning services or you wish to make a booking, please just get in touch with our builders cleaning company. 


Do I need to provide any materials?

No, our post construction cleaning team will arrive fully stocked with all the supplies and equipment that they may need. As a reputable builders cleaning company, we only use the best cleaning supplies in the business.

How long should I wait before booking the cleaning after building works?

We recommend booking an after builders cleaning service 24 hours after the builders have finished in your property.

Can I book a cleaning service whilst the builders are still working in my property?

We will be more than happy to start on the builders cleans in specific areas of the property while builders are still working on other parts, in order to give you a clean and tidy living area. However, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that the best results will be achieved from cleaning part way through the build’s completion. If there is more building work or renovation due to be done after the cleaning service, you should consider waiting until the works have been completed, in order to achieve the optimal results with the builders cleans. Please get in touch with our builders cleaning company if this is something you would like.

Will you clean inside the kitchen units?

We will clean and wipe everything from outside, however, if the kitchen is new the cleaners may wipe down the inside if this is required. If you have any special requirements such as this, please make sure that you tell us prior to the post construction cleaning.

What happens if the cleaners miss something during the builder’s cleans?

Although we have no doubt that you will be happy with the service that you receive, all of our work is entirely guaranteed. This means that if you are unhappy with the service you received, we will reclean the property entirely free of charge. You can rest easy knowing that the cleaning after building works service that you will receive will be the best of the best.
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