Gutter Cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19

Not many people realise it, but gutters help protect us from several dangerous and expensive damages that can occur when…


Not many people realise it, but gutters help protect us from several dangerous and expensive damages that can occur when they are not looked after properly. We are going to explain why we are the best for gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19, and why it is so important to have professional gutter cleaning done in general. 

Why Us?

We are experts in professional gutter cleaning as we have years of experience behind us. This means that when it comes to gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19, we are the best people to go to! Our technicians are qualified to use the best equipment out there that is guaranteed to leave you with clear gutters that work as they should once again. 

For gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19, we are a professional gutter cleaning company with fair and affordable prices as we know that we do an important job, yet is also a job that is not at the top of everyone’s cleaning list. We also know that it can be messy and dangerous if you are not used to climbing ladders. Let us handle it all for you! We know exactly what we are doing, and we will leave you with clear gutters. 

Why Are Clean Gutters Important?

We have mentioned that having clear gutters is important so we should explain why that is. You may think that just because you cannot see anything in your gutters from below then there is no problem, but this is not the case. By the time you can see grass or moss growing in your gutters, they will already be full, leading to quite a few problems for your home. Therefore, for gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19, you should give us a call!

Firstly, gutters are crucial to removing rainwater and waste away from your roof and your home foundations. This means that when you do not have clear gutters, water can become logged in the moss, grass, leaves and dirt that blocks up the route it would take if the gutter were clear. 

When a gutter is blocked, the rainwater has nowhere else to go but onto the roof. Over time, the roof may struggle to withstand the amount of water and other debris that can cause leaks inside the house. 

This can lead to water damage as it could ruin your roof and foundations. Water coming through the roof could also lead to holes which costs a lot of money to fix when the solution is just cleaning the gutters out!

Another reason why gutter cleaning is important is that with a leaky roof comes mould. The moisture caused by a leaky roof combined with the heat from your home is the perfect breeding ground for mould. 

Mould is hard to remove as it tends to be stubborn and can unfortunately cause all sorts of respiratory and breathing problems for those in the house. These problems are damaging for everyone but can particularly be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, those with asthma, babies, children, and the elderly. Make sure that you help to prevent these issues from occurring by our company to complete the best gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19.

Having professional gutter cleaning done is a step towards preventing problems that will not only affect your home but also the health of your family. If you are concerned about these dangers, then contact us for gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19. 

The Clean

  • They will position the ladder in a safe and stable place that is in a position, so they are comfortable when up there and do not have to reach or stretch far. Note that they may not be using a ladder but a telescopic pole so that they can stand underneath and remove the debris. 
  • Put gloves on and pick up their bin bag or bucket to put the debris in.
  • They will remove your gutter/leaf covers so that they can get into the gutter properly.
  • Debris in your gutter usually has two layers: the top one (if there is no cover) will be made of leaves, twigs, bits of branches e.c.t and a bottom layer of dirt and sludge. The gutter cleaner may remove the top layer with their hands, putting the leaves and debris in the bin or bucket.
  • To remove the bottom layer of dirt and sludge they may either continue to use their hands to remove it or use a trowel to scoop up what is there without getting too messy. 
  • Once they’ve cleared the area that the ladder surrounds. They will need to descend the ladder and move it to the next spot. This may seem like it will take a long time but doing it this way they can stay safe rather than leaning and potentially falling off the ladder.  
  • They will also make sure that any fallen debris is cleared away, making sure that the area that they have cleaned is not a mess for you to clean up after they have gone. 

Washing it Out 

  • After all the debris has been cleaned, they will do a final wash down of the gutters. We generally use a hose, turning it on against the slope of your gutter so that any remaining waste runs down towards the downpipe. This should leave you with sparking, clear gutters.
  • Where appropriate we may clean the gutter with a pressure washer or a telescopic gutter cleaner. This means that they do not need to climb the ladder but can use the attachments to get rid of the remaining waste. 

Checking and Cleaning the Downpipes

  • After the gutters are all clean, they will check your downpipes. 
  • If it seems blocked, then they may put the hose down the pipe until it hits the blockage and then turn it on to create enough pressure that will force the blockage out. 
  • It will then be easy to push out the blockage by hand or using a stick to remove the debris and then attach it back to the house. Now the rainwater will easily flow through the gutters and down the pipe, preventing the problems that we have discussed.


Is your company insured?

As befitting the premium purveyors of gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19 all of our staff are fully insured, and we have a significant amount of public liability insurance.

 Do I need to be there whilst you are doing the professional gutter cleaning?

No, all we need is access to the exterior of your property. Apart from sparkling and clear gutters you would barely know that we had visited. This is why we are the go-to people for gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

We would recommend a gutter clean twice a year so that your gutters remain in working order after the harsh winter seasons and so that they are clear and ready for Autumn when the leaves are falling. Let us know when you require gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19!

Do I need to provide any cleaning materials or equipment?

We will bring our own professional gutter cleaning equipment to allow us to perform our tasks and leave you with clear gutters.

There is grass growing out of my gutter, can you help me?

Yes! Grass and moss growth are common in unattended gutters, so we are more than happy to help you and remove that for you. If you have any particular concerns you can contact us about your gutter cleaning in Epsom, KT17, KT18 & KT19.
  • End of Tenancy - May 13, 2022

    I used Surrey Best  Cleaners for an end-of-tenancy clean and they were brilliant. Michelle was so helpful when I booked in and the three cleaners who cleaned the property were so lovely, very friendly and did an incredible job!

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