End of Tenancy Cleaning in Cobham KT11

Making sure that you have had a great end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11 is a vital part of…


Making sure that you have had a great end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11 is a vital part of the moving process. If you are a landlord, then landlord cleaning services are also important when thinking about tenancy cleaning. You want to know that your deposit is safe and will be returned to you. With our professional cleaning, this stress will be taken off your hands as we are fully trained and experienced.  

We are renowned throughout the local area as one of the best for end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11. Our move out cleaning professionals, as well as our team of move in cleaners and are trusted by local estate agents to perform an exceptional final cleaning. This relationship, and our awareness of what is expected in tenancy cleaning means that we are among the best in the business.

When conducting move out cleaning and then moving out of a property you want to be sure that you will not lose any of your deposit because of the condition that it is in. With our deposit back guarantee you can be sure that due to our professional cleaning, the final cleaning of your property will be to an excellent standard. 

Our professionals have the experience needed to provide excellent end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11. This is because they have provided tenancy cleaning services in countless numbers of properties, all with happy customers. 

We provide all sorts of professional cleaning services, meaning that we have the team and equipment to provide value-for-money tenancy cleaning services. We use efficient methods that allow us to provide professional cleaning services whether that be for your end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11 or for any other cleaning needs. 

Another reason to hire our professional cleaning services is that it will save you time and money. Instead of spending hours cleaning the property yourself (when you have countless more interesting tasks to do), and spending lots of money on the cleaning products necessary for your end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11, you should hire our tenancy cleaning services!

We can arrange a key collection and drop off with the estate agents so that our professional cleaners for move out cleaning, or our move in cleaners, can just slip in and out without any bother to you. Why would you not come to us for your end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11?

Whether you require move in cleaners, or we are visiting your property for your final cleaning or move out cleaning, our cleaners follow an extensive checklist that includes every room in the house. Please get in contact with us if there is anything not on the list below for your end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11:

Across the whole property

  • Walls – dusted and free of cobwebs
  • Doors – dusted and wiped from top to bottom
  • Door handles – wiped and polished, free from light stains, marks, and fingerprints
  • Windows – wiped and polished from top to bottom (internally)
  • Windowsills and ledges – wiped and clean
  • Window handles – wiped and polished
  • Ceilings and corners – dusted, and free of cobwebs
  • Mirrors – dusted and polished 
  • Light fittings and shades – dusted and wiped
  • Light switches, plugs and sockets – dusted and wiped
  • Skirting (including the skirting boards behind the furniture if it can be moved by 1 person) – dusted and wiped
  • Spindles and banisters – dusted and wiped
  • Curtain rails – dusted and wiped
  • Radiators – wiped and clean from top to bottom, and behind
  • All floors and carpets
  • Upholstery – vacuumed 
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out, dusted from inside and out, polished
  • Shelves – empty, dusted, polished
  • Wooden furniture – dusted, wiped, and polished
  • Wipe skirting boards and door frames


  • All work surfaces– washed and sanitized
  • Cupboards and drawers – cleared out/in, wiped
  • Wall tiles – free of stains, mould, and grease, washed and polished
  • Sink and taps – washed, free of limescale, sanitized, polished; dry and clean
  • Internal rubbish bins – empty, cleaned inside and out
  • Fridge and freezer – internally and externally clean
  • Microwave – wiped from inside and outside
  • Dishwasher – clean from inside and outside
  • Washing machine internally and externally (including soap dispenser, rubber seal, etc.)
  • Tumble dryer (including dust and lint filters, rubber seal, handles, etc.)
  • Hobs and grill – clean and polished
  • Oven – degreased, cleaned inside /out, outside chrome and glass parts
  • Extractor fan – degreased, clean, and polished


  • Beds – clean (any wood, glass, or metal parts – polished)
  • Mattresses – vacuumed from both sides
  • Bedroom storage units (such as wardrobes, cupboards, night tables, drawers, light switches, skirting, etc.) – empty and clean inside and out 
  • Windows cleaned internally
  • Wastepaper baskets – empty and clean

Living Room

  • Clean and carefully dust all wooden furniture
  • Clean inside cupboards and wardrobes
  • Windows cleaned internally
  • Clean all glass surfaces (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc)
  • Dust light fittings and switches, skirting, curtain rails, pictures, and radiators


  • Wall tiles – cleaned, polished and mould-free
  • Taps and fittings – free of mould & limescale, clean and polished
  • Sink – basin cleaned, dried and polished
  • Cupboards and shelves – empty, cleaned of mould; clean (glass and chrome) parts – polished)
  • Mirror – wiped and polished 
  • Bathtub – wiped and polished
  • Shower cabin-wiped and polished
  • Shower screen – washed inside and outside, cleaned of mould 
  • Shower head – cleaned, dried and polished
  • Toilet and toilet seat – cleaned and disinfected from inside and out
  • Extractor fan – cleaned of mould and grime


Will I get my deposit back after the end of tenancy cleaning?

We guarantee it! With our professional cleaning, you will not have one penny taken off your deposit for the uncleanliness of the property as our cleaners will make sure of it. They have the knowledge, equipment, and passion to ensure that the final cleaning is up to the best standard possible.

How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?

Because each property is different, the time it takes to complete each tenancy cleaning job is different. Our professional cleaners will follow their checklist to ensure that every room is taken care of to the highest standard. This means we can’t give you an exact time but rest assured that the property will be the cleanest it’s ever been!

Do you only cover Cobham KT11?

We offer our tenant cleaning services and landlord cleaning services across different suburbs and towns in London, including end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11. If you are unsure whether this includes your area then get in contact with us today, our dedicated team are more than happy to discuss your tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning needs.

Do I need to be there whilst you are cleaning?

No, we offer a key collection service, where we take the key from the estate agents and drop it back with them at the end of the clean. We offer this service for all end of tenancy cleaning in Cobham KT11, and our move in cleaners can provide this service also. All we need is access to hot water and electricity to provide our move out cleaning.

Do I need to provide the cleaning products?

Our cleaners will arrive at your property fully equipped with the necessary industrial solutions and equipment to clean to the best of their ability.
  • End of Tenancy Cleantrustpilot.com - May 13, 2022

    I used Surrey Best  Cleaners for an end-of-tenancy clean and they were brilliant. Michelle was so helpful when I booked in and the three cleaners who cleaned the property were so lovely, very friendly and did an incredible job!

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