Benefits of Exterior House Painting

When thinking about the benefits of exterior house painting, we must also look at the cost to hire compared to…


When thinking about the benefits of exterior house painting, we must also look at the cost to hire compared to doing the job yourself. This is because cost will be a major factor as to whether you decide to have it done or not. Not only is cost an important factor, but so is the time it takes to paint the exterior of a house.



If, after we tell you about cost and how long it takes, you are still interested because you know all the benefits of exterior house painting, then we have some considerations before you do so as well as some top tips for you. 

Firstly, we are going to share the benefits of exterior house painting to demonstrate why it is great idea and why it is worth it!

Benefits of Exterior House Painting

As said, there are many benefits to exterior house painting that you may never have realised before. Paining the outside of your home is not just about it looking good and standing out from other houses as there are practical benefits too. We are going to go through the benefits of exterior house painting for you so that you can see for yourself that it is worth the time and money. 

Increases Value

One of the most obvious benefits of exterior house painting is that a house with an attractive paint colour has increased value due to the kerb appeal. It is no secret that a home that looks like it has been well cared for and looked after is going to have more value for home buyers. With a fresh coat of paint covering the house, it will look cleaner and more looked after than a property that has been ignored in terms of the exterior. 

With a house that has increased value due to the exterior, you are likely to make the money back that you will have spent on the paint job when you sell the property. This is because the cost of the painting will be minimal compared to the value that will be added due to the fresh look of the house’s exterior. 

A nice coat of paint will also increase the value of the house in your mind too. That added kerb appeal is not only good for if you want to sell the property but will make you smile each time you pull onto the driveway or park outside. This therefore increases the value for yourself as well as others. 

A Fresh, New Look

The benefit of adding value to your property by applying exterior paint goes together with the benefit of being able to create a fresh, new look for your home. 

It is your house so you can choose the colour whether you want to stand out or go with a neutral shade then it is up to you. When you paint the exterior of your home you are creating the look that you want by allowing yourself to be creative or showing off your personal style.

This will put your house in a new light for you as well as others as if you want to change it up after a few years, you can! As the paint will need to be refreshed after a few years you can decide to re-paint with the same colour or a brand new one. Painting the exterior of your home adds that personal touch. 

Protection Against the Elements

Every single year your home will be battered by rain, wind, hail, sleet, snow, and will be baked by the sun. One of the benefits of exterior house painting is that the paint is designed to create a protective layer against these elements. 

When you are painting the exterior of your home, you do not just go out and buy regular paints. Special exterior paints are made strong to withstand the elements but to also protect the home from them. 

The paint can protect your home from moisture seeping inside, therefore saving you from mould and mildew damage to both the property and your health. The paint layer will give protection against precipitation damage and can even act as a deterrent for insects who may want to infest your house exterior. 

It should be noted, however, that after a few years of this weathering the house will need to be painted again as the protection layer will have worn away. It is recommended that this will happen every 5-7 years meaning it will not be a tedious, yearly task but will also not last forever.

Extends the Life

As the paints acts as a coating, it also protects your house siding (the outer covering or cladding of a house). The paint will help preserve the lifespan of your siding and can temporarily cover up any blemishes that are visible. This is, of course, only a temporary fix for small problems that will not escalate into something bigger. If you do not have the money to fix the small problems now, then painting the siding is a good way to extend the life of it. If your siding is extremely worn, however, the best option is to completely replace it.

Not only will your siding have an extended lifespan due to the protection of exterior painting, but it will keep your walls and window frames in a good condition and extend their life too.

The exterior walls of a home are faced with the elements that we have already discussed, by putting exterior paint on them, you are extending the lifespan as it will be protected compared to walls that are not painted. The cost of painting will help you to save money in the long run as any damages to your walls are going to cost more than painting every 5 years will. 

Window frames also need some care as if they are not treated well, they can start to rot from weathering. This may result in expensive fixes and replacement costs, however with a fresh paint they will be protected for longer. 

Can Reveal Damages

Working to repaint your home can reveal an array of small flaws ranging from mould, mildew, and water stains to rotting wood caused by weakened paint. You want to spot these types of damages as soon as possible as they can cause damage to both your property and your health. 

Mould is dangerous when breathed in as it is can cause inflammation of the airways, nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing, and throat irritation ( As you can see, mould and mildew are particularly dangerous for the young and elderly, those with respiratory problems, and those with weakened immune systems. These people will feel the negatives effects of mould and mildew more strongly, but it is dangerous for all. 

You can see that even small damages can lead to big problems not only for your home but for your health, therefore showing that when the damages on your home exterior are revealed to you, you can start working on them to make sure that your home is safe. 

When you notice any damages before they become a bigger problem, you can take the necessary steps to fix it and therefore avoid the stress and large costs later. Therefore, the benefits of exterior painting go beyond the aesthetics of your home, painting your home can in-turn have health benefits too. 

Is a Practical Cost

If you are looking for a home refresh but do not want the costs of one, then a repaint is a great way to make a change adding value, appeal, and function to the exterior of your home. Overall, it is a practical cost as, considering all the benefits of exterior painting that we have discussed, it is worth the initial costs. 

When you weigh up the benefits to the cost then you will see that it is worth the money as painting your home exterior can not only save you money, but can be beneficial to your health (as mentioned above). 

To make the investment worthwhile it is a good idea to make sure that the paint is a good quality and that someone experienced completes the job for you. This will ensure that you maximise the value of your investment as the paint will last, therefore protecting the home, and a professional contractor will make sure it is all done properly. 


We have mentioned ‘the cost’ a lot already, but how much exactly is it to have the exterior of your house painted? There are many factors that will impact the cost such as the size of the property, the design, the materials used, and the specific tradesman’s rates. Therefore, it is hard to give an exact number of how much it will cost you.

According to ‘’, on average, the price of painting a two-storey, three-bedroom house in the UK is estimated at around £850. Checkatrade estimates the cost to anything between £425-£1500. To give you a better idea of where your property may fall into these brackets, we should consider what the cost includes and the factors that affect the cost.

What is Included in the Cost?

To get a high-quality result, there is preparation that needs to be done beforehand. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire someone to do the work for you as they will know what to look out for so that the job can be done to the best standard possible. 

The preparation may be a large amount or may not be depending on the condition of the house’s exterior. This specialist job may mean that the cost is increased due to the amount of added time the preparation takes or the amount of materials needed to make sure that the surface is ready for painting. 

The overall process of preparation and painting could take up to three or four days depending on the property. All of this work will be factored into the overall cost of the job, meaning that it may seem like a lot of money at first but when you take into consideration the amount of time, effort, and materials needed the cost is fair. Remember, painting the exterior of your home is an investment as there are not only aesthetic benefits but health and practical benefits too. 

For a full breakdown of what to expect if you hire someone to paint the exterior of your house, we have put a list below of the jobs that they will do, included in their price.

  • Erect access equipment
  • Remove any existing flaky paint
  • Brush off loose dirt from walls
  • Stubborn dirt can be washed off with water and a brush
  • Clean any mould, moss, or algae with either a bleach/water solution or a fungicide treatment
  • Make good of any repairs to walls with sand/cement mixture
  • Allow the walls to fully dry
  • Treat wall with a stabilising solution and allow to dry
  • Apply one coat of specialist masonry paint
  • Allow walls to dry
  • Apply a second coat of specialist masonry paint
  • Apply a third coat of paint if the wall is being painted for the first time


What Impacts the Cost?

We have said that there are some factors that have an impact on the final cost, but you may be wondering why this is so. Every house is different, meaning every project is different too. This explains the broad range of estimates and average costs that we explained above. So, what does impact the cost?

  • The number of walls

Different types of houses have different numbers of walls. For example, a terraced house will only require two walls to be painted, a semi-detached three, and a detached may have four. There are some tradespeople that charge per square metre, meaning the number of walls will make a difference on how much is charged. 

Note that any extensions, porches, and conservatories will increase the price if you require them painted too as this increases the number of walls that will be prepared and painted. 

  • The size of the property

In addition to the number of walls, the size of the property will also impact the final cost. A house can have the same number of walls as another but still be larger in general. This means that the cost would be more (as per the cost for each square metre). 

If your property is large then it may take a number of days to complete the job, meaning that more people may need to be called in and they will need to charge for the exact number of days. A larger property will also require more paint which will, of course, increase the cost also.

  • The amount of preparation

As mentioned, preparation is crucial so that the paint stays on the surface and lasts if it should. This means that if the property requires a lot of prep work to ensure that the surface is right for the paint, the cost will be higher.

Removing any current paint can be time consuming and messy meaning that any repairs and clean up will add to the final cost too. The preparation stage is so important to ensure a long-lasting finish, meaning it should not be rushed and any extra costs for preparation will be worth it in the end. 

  • The choice of paint

Exterior paint comes in a variety of shades and colours, some more expensive than others. The choice that you make should reflect exactly what you want but should also consider your budget. This is because you will need quite a few pots to cover the whole house, meaning costs can quickly add up (particularly if you have extra walls such as on an extension). 

Multiple coats will also need to be applied to ensure that the house is protected and that the colour is exactly what you want it to be. This means it will last longer but does take time to complete the job. 

A top tip is to ensure that you have a spare supply of colour-matched paint for any touch-ups that may be required, so make sure to factor the paint into your costs. 

  • The need for scaffolding

You may find that due to the size of your property, that the tradesperson requires scaffolding to be installed to do the job. This is because current health and safety laws prohibit anyone from working at height for more than 30 minutes at a time as more that that is unsafe. This means it is most likely that the tradesperson will require scaffolding for a two-storey home. 

The cost of scaffolding depends on the amount of scaffolding you have and the length of time you need it for. In general, most companies rent it by the week. 

Keep in mind when you are doing your costs that there are regional variations in scaffolding costs, for example scaffolding will cost more in London than other areas of the country.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that influence the final cost of your exterior house paint. It is important to keep this in mind when looking for tradespeople and to make sure that any quotes you receive take this all into account as much as possible. This means that you will avoid disappointment and hidden costs later. 

Remember that having an exact quote will be rare without the company or tradesperson seeing the property and reviewing their labour time. Keep in mind that exterior house painting is worth it considering all the benefits we have discussed and the fact that it is a lot more than just painting a few walls!

Top Tips

Now you are aware of the costs and what the means in terms of what is included and what impacts the final amount, you may be thinking ‘I need to research some exterior painting companies’, or you may be thinking ‘I can do that all myself’. 

If after reviewing the costs you are considering the latter, think about whether you have the skills, knowledge and means to complete the job safely. Please note that exterior painting is not the easiest job as if you want a great, long-lasting finish it is better to call in a professional who knows exactly what they are doing.

If you still fancy having a go, then we have some top tips for painting like a professional. 

  • Prepare

We have already talked about the importance of preparation when it comes to exterior painting, but if you are planning on doing the job yourself then it is even more important! 

Make sure that you check the list above for the breakdown of what a tradesperson would do and try to follow it as best as possible. This means that you can review the surface of your property to make sure that any bits of dirt are removed, and any cracks are fixed before going over them with paint. 

Also, remember to prepare yourself for the job too. Make sure that you are either wearing old clothes or painting overalls/cover up to protect your clothes from any paint splatters. This is particularly important as exterior paints have a habit of not washing out of clothes. 

Make sure to prepare the area too by putting down sheets or old materials as you do not want to get the paint all over your driveway, lawn, or patio as it is extremely stubborn and will use up even more of your time trying to remove it. 

  • Make sure you have all the necessary materials

This goes with preparing but make sure that you have everything that you need before you start as you do not want to be half-way through the project to find that you have run out of paint! This runs the risk of getting the wrong kind, leaving behind obvious streaky marks, and brush lines. 

In general, here is a list of the things that you may need:

  • Paint – choose the best masonry paint you can afford
  • Brushes and rollers of various sizes (our tip here is to avoid cheap brushes that will shed bristles)
  • Dustsheets, tarpaulins, or old bed sheets
  • Paint thinners, brush cleaner and turps 
  • Scrapers, wire brush and assorted hand tools
  • Sweeping brushes etc for keeping the area clean
  • Gloves, goggles, and any other protective items
  • Old clothes and rags for cloths
  • Sandpaper and filler
  • Step ladder, ladders, and other access equipment

Make sure that you have all these items ready before you begin so you can avoid going on multiple trips to the store in one day!

  • Consider spray paint

If you have never painted the exterior of a house before, then you may want to consider spraying it instead. This has quicker results so if you want to save time then you can spray instead of paint. 

Note that you will need to cover the areas that you do not want sprayed, for example your windows and door as the spray is more likely to get everywhere you do not want it to get. This is because when you paint you can be specific with the areas to cover, but when spraying, it is a bit wilder.  

Remember that spray paint is a fine mist, meaning that if you are working on a windy day, expect to see your car, bushes, and driveway covered in a layer of paint mist. Keep in mind that if you are going to use spray paint, you will need to pick the perfect day (or days) to complete the job. 

  • Paint smart

When painting the exterior of your house you must think smartly about how you are actually going to do the painting. You can be fully prepared with all the right materials and with a smooth surface to work on but what good is that if the actual paint job is not the best standard?

Make sure that you start at the top and work your way down. This gives you the opportunity to fix any mistakes as you go and to cover up any slatters that occur while you are working at the top. This applies to any sort of paint job as you do not want to start at the bottom then have to fix anything after the whole wall is done!

Another tip is to use masking tape to corner off any window frames or doors. This means that you are protecting them from the paint as well as making sure that every area is taken care of, leaving straight lines behind. 

Remember that you will need to do at least 2 coats of paint so if the first does not look exactly how you want, do not attempt to layer up as you go. This may result in the final job looking bumpy and not smooth like you want it to look.

There are our tips for painting yourself, remember that the job is bigger than you may have originally thought so think about your time and effort vs the cost of hiring a professional. Also keep in mind that your safety is important, and you should not be putting yourself in danger to save money!


Now you know all there is to know about exterior painting, you can decide whether it is worth it for you. The benefits of exterior house painting outweigh the cost is so many areas! Not only are you allowing yourself to express your style and taste through the exterior of your home, but you are protecting the walls and yourself from potential damages causes by the elements. 

The key take-away here is to think about the benefits to not only having your house exterior painted, but having it done safely by a professional who can guarantee a long-lasting and great finish. 

Just think, now you are one step closer to that happy feeling every single time you drive or walk up to your home, knowing that your house is protected and looks great too!

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