After Builders Cleaning Prices

How Much Does it Cost for After Builders Cleaning? Cleaning after building works is often a task that we overlook…


How Much Does it Cost for After Builders Cleaning?

Cleaning after building works is often a task that we overlook or underestimate. If you have had to deal with cleaning up the mess that builders leave before, you will understand that even after multiple vacuums and wipes, you will still find remnants of building works around the house. Builders cleans are not for the faint hearted so consider letting the professionals take care of the hard work, and get your house feeling like a home again.



Cleaning after building works helps to restore your home and lets whatever building work you have had done shine. From cleaning up those tiny little paint splatters to mopping the well-used floors, an experienced after builders cleaning team will be able to deal with every aspect of the job. 

Whether you have had a brand-new extension or just minor refurbishments and repairs, cleaning the mess leftover can be a huge task in itself! There is always an abundance of dust, debris, smudge marks, and many other unwanted leftovers. Not to mention the frustrating lingering paint, varnish, and plaster splashes that harden quickly, feeling like a new permanent addition in your home. All of this mess requires the help of a professional after building cleaning team. These people can help turn your property from a building-site, back into a home again.

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Most cleaning company employees are experts when it comes to cleaning after building works and have and offer a quick, effective, and thorough clean-up that will leave your property sparkling and ready for living in again. 

Organising builders cleans can initially seem expensive, especially when you have spent hundreds if not thousands of pounds on the building work itself. That is why we will examine the after builders cleaning prices available in the UK and help you understand what you should expect.

We will look at the factors that may affect cost, and detail the average costs for the various sized properties and also offer some advice that should hopefully help you not only select the best builders cleaning company, but ensure that you know what are reasonable costs when these companies share their after builders cleaning prices.

What is Included in After Builders Cleaning Prices?

There is a big difference between a domestic clean and a builders clean. Whilst one is a light clean to a domestic property to keep up with the domestic jobs, the other is a thorough clean at the end of a building project (which is usually a little messier!). 

If your builders did not do the best job at keeping the place tidy, whether that be because they didn’t bring protective equipment, or because they simply couldn’t help it due to the nature of the job, then you want to be sure that after the job is done the property is looking as good as new.

But what does this involve?

The following checklist identifies what a typical builders cleaning entails. Obviously, this is not a definitive list and individual companies’ offerings will differ however, it should give you a good feel of what to expect.

Most companies that offer after builders cleaning will have their own state of the art tools and equipment, to clean your home from top to bottom. Removing dust is often the priority, which means using different types of brushes, mops, and attachments. This level of detailed work can take several cleans on surfaces, fixtures, and fittings to remove dust completely. Every property is different but a typical after builders cleaning services generally includes:

  • Internal cleaning of windows, and windowsills and frames
  • Deep cleaning of doors, door frames, skirting boards, switches and sockets, and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning of the entire property, including fittings like cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes. All furniture must be emptied out in advance.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all surfaces in the property
  • Removing limescale from kitchen and bathroom tiles
  • Deep cleaning of sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other bathroom fixtures
  • Internal and external cleaning of all kitchen appliances
  • Deep cleaning of hallways, and stairs
  • Deep vacuuming and mopping of all floors
  • Dusting off all the areas in the property
  • Cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • Wiping and polishing hard surfaces
  • Scrubbing bathtub, toilet, and sink
  • Cleaning and polishing tiles
  • Cleaning doors, door frames and handles
  • Cleaning windows, window frames and sills
  • Polishing mirrors and windows
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Removing waste left from the building and renovation work
  • Cleaning light fixtures and switches

Obviously, your builders cleaning can be personalised to meet your needs if you do not need the entire house cleaning. Equally, if you have any special requests that are not listed here then all you need to do is get in touch with your cleaning company, it is more than likely that they will be able to accommodate your needs.

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What are the Benefits of an After Builders Professional Clean?

If you have ever had builders working in your home, then you will know about what they often leave behind. They are there to get a specific job done which usually means concentrating on their task and not worrying too much about what they leave behind for you. 

There are often marks on the walls and floors which will need to be cleaned using the right materials so to not leave lasting stains, and the walls may even need to be painted over. A lot of the time rubbish and waste is left from packaging, from scraps of materials or from the actual build itself which is unsightly and not something that you want lying around your home. 

Most annoyingly, we are all familiar with the types of work that leaves an ever-present cloud of dust that manages to spread through the house, settling on every surface. This can be frustrating as no matter how hard you try to prevent it or how often you try to get rid of it, without the proper materials and equipment to move it, the dust finds a way to keep a layer on top of your surfaces.

There is also the problem of hard floors, skirting boards, window sills, and any remaining furniture all being covered with a thick layer of dust, dirt and residue that seems impossible to remove without simply spreading it further.

Only once you have had your property thoroughly deep cleaned can you begin to enjoy the results of those many weeks or even months of suffering.

The benefit of professionals conducting an after builders clean is that you can rest knowing that the right materials, equipment and cleaning supplies have been used to get your home back to the clean state it was in before, all while enjoying your new buildings works too. You can be sure that the cleaning will be done to a high standard using the best cleaning solutions for each job, with clean and tidy results. 

What are Typical After Builders Cleaning Prices

So you now know what an average builders cleaning involves it is time to get down to the most important question, how much will all this cost me, and how do I know I’m getting a fair price?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this as there are several factors that could affect this. The main variables are the areas that need cleaning and the extent of the building works that you have had. Geographical location will also have an impact on after builders cleaning prices, so this also needs to be considered, costs are likely to be much higher in the London and the South East of England than anywhere else. 

The following are guideline figures only but should give you a rough indicative figure for an average after builders clean.

Please be aware that there is usually a minimum spending requirement with most builders cleaning companies. This is quite usual within the industry and this is because it is not economically viable for a builders cleaning company to travel to your location and set up all of their equipment to just clean one small room. So, although the minimum cost for a room may be as little as £20 the majority of builders cleaning companies will have a minimum charge based on five hours labour for one cleaner or three hours for two cleaners.

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Generally, prices are quoted on an individual basis as no two builders cleans are the same. A good final builders cleaning company should explain all of this in advance and definitely undertake a visit before providing your quotation. 

It is one of the hardest cleaning prices to provide unseen estimates for as a new kitchen may have had only access point through the back of the property or the only access may be through a hall and other rooms. In this example the second scenario would need more time, and therefore more cost for the same sized room as the debris will have been trudged through more rooms. Additionally, there may also be furniture and curtains that require cleaning as well.

Most after builders cleaning prices will be calculated by the hour so the best way to compare costs is to get several quotes. For example, a company may have a low headline cost of only £17 per hour but quote twice as many hours to complete the work. Obviously in this instance if their competitors charge £25 per hour and complete the task to an equal standard in half the time then the total cost for the first company does not become as cheap as it initially seemed.

Expect hourly rates to be between £17 and £25 per hour per cleaner, additional charges may occur if specialist equipment is required.

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What are the Benefits of Having my Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

When builders come to your property, there is the possibility that the carpets can take the brunt of the mess, depending on the builder’s task. When this occurs, then you are going to want your carpet professionally cleaned to get rid of any stubborn dust particles and dirt that you may miss with the everyday, household vacuum cleaner. 

There are multiple benefits to having your carpet professionally cleaned, whether that be because of the builders leaving a mess behind, or because you can’t remember the last time the carpet was cleaned. Be warned, after reading this you will want to book a carpet clean in right away!

  1. Gets rid of the stubborn mess

When hiring professionals to clean your carpet, they will use industrial strength carpet shampoo and the best equipment available to make sure that every crevice of your carpet is cleaned. The cleaner will use the shampoo and hot water to clean up the dirt, a cleaning head to loosen the fibres and then will suck it all up, leaving the carpet looking as good as new. 

  1. Creates a healthier environment

If the carpet is left as it is, the dust and allergens can find their way into the air, resulting in respiratory problems for those in the household. This could also cause allergic reactions and other health problems so you really want to make sure that the carpet is clean and rid of all the dirt. A professional clean uses hot water which will kill any allergens, making them no longer a threat. 

  1. Extends the life of the carpet

When you have your carpet professionally cleaned, this eliminates the risk of dirt, dust, and allergens embedding themselves in the carpet, resulting in loose and split fibres. This means that instead of being a healthy looking, soft to the touch carpet, it will look older and deteriorated which is not what you want when walking around your home barefoot. 

  1. Improves the look of the room

Not only do clean carpets feel better on your toes, but they also make a room look full of life, cosier and much more inviting than a room with a dull and lifeless looking floor. The mess left behind by builders will be the last of your worries if you realise your carpet is no longer looking soft and inviting any more. Having a professional clean will help your carpet to look as good as new, after builders or not. 

Fabric Stain Protection Products

There are ways that you can protect your fabric belongings from builders’ mess, therefore lessening the amount of builders cleaning necessary. These types of products are designed to help protect your furniture from the wear and tear of everyday life, as well as cleaning, painting and building works. 

Upholstery protector can be bought as a spray that coats any leather or fabric furniture. This spray results in a coating that not only will protect the furniture from staining, but helps to extend the life of the items that it is sprayed on. 

You can also create homemade stain removers that are effective in removing small stains from your fabric products if they were not effectively protected from the builders. Different mixtures made from dish soap and distilled vinegar, dish soap and club soda, or hydrogen peroxide are all effective in removing stubborn stains created by builders, or just life!

Regular maintenance of fabrics is also crucial to keeping the life-span of fabrics strong. Using different vacuums and rollers will ensure that any dust, crumbs, and pet hair is safely removed from your furniture. You can buy specific vacuums or rollers for pet hairs, or specific extensions that will get into the corners that are hard to reach.

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What are Typical Carpet Cleaning Prices

Generally, prices are quoted on a room by room basis but there will be some additional charges if you have particularly stubborn stains or are looking for added stain protection as part of the clean. A good carpet cleaning company should explain all of this in advance of providing your quotation. 

  • Small bedroom – typically around £20 for a basic clean, adding fabric protection would add another £6
  • Large bedroom – between £27 and £40, fabric protection would cost an additional £11 
  • Stairs and landing – usual prices are from £30, plus around £11 for fabric protection treatment
  • Large living room – from £35 to £50 dependent on size and approximately £20 for the application of fabric protection.

Compared to other household expenses carpet cleaning prices are is minimal, and for a standard three-bedroom house you can expect to pay around £200 without stain protection. This is based on two reception rooms, three bedrooms and the hallway, landing and stairs cleaned. This will obviously be a little more in a bigger house depending on the size and number of additional rooms. The above figures should provide you with a rough indication of likely costs. Some carpet cleaning companies will also negotiate prices based on cleaning your entire house which may also realise greater savings.

For comparison the hire of a commercially available carpet cleaner is approximately £25 per day but this will need collecting, cleaning and you will incur additional costs for shampoo and cleaning products. Not to mention having to find the time to do this yourself. Carpet cleaning companies also utilise specialist carpet cleaning equipment that is significantly more powerful than the equipment available to hire.

Important Questions to ask Providers When Comparing After Builders Cleaning Prices 

Although not exhaustive the following queries will help you to ensure that the company that you choose are the best placed to undertake your builders cleaning.

When will you be able to do the Clean?

If a company claims to be able to undertake the cleaning alongside the building work then please avoid them. It is widely considered that final building cleaning is only effective when booked at least 48 hours after the building work is completed to allow the dust to settle. There are also additional safety certification requirements if cleaners are working on what is effectively a construction site.

Are Your Specialist Cleaning Products Ecologically Friendly?

The vast majority of final builders cleaning companies will use high quality products that are not usually available over the counter, but this is a question that needs asking. Additionally, ensure that the cleaning standards are as ecologically friendly as possible. All reputable companies should be using these products.

Are the Company Experienced in Builders Cleaning?

Unfortunately, pricing is not always a good indication of quality so ensure that you research the company and look at the customer reviews. If a company does not have these then they are best avoided. Any professional, reputable company should have a completely transparent review system and a quick internet search will usually produce many reviews for you to peruse.  More reputable companies will have reviews from independent third-party sites. Try and avoid reviews that have no association with independent sites as the company may have written the reviews themselves. Unfortunately, it is very easy to add some fictional names and reviews to a ‘Review’ page on a company website and these may not always be totally legitimate.

Are the Company and its Cleaners Fully Insured?

This is an essential requirement. If this is not immediately apparent from their website or material, then ask the question and if you are still unsure then ask to see a copy of their public liability insurance certificate. Any reputable company would be more than happy to fulfil this request.

What Does the Builders Clean Include?

Make sure that you know exactly what you are getting for your money and what you are actually getting for the price. 
A reputable company should undertake a brief site survey, usually about 10 minutes, to enable them to come up with an accurate, bespoke quotation.

Do the After Builders Cleaning Prices Include VAT?

Many websites will not include VAT in their pricing and quite often the price that you see is not the price that you may have to pay. If they are registered for VAT, then they should be able to provide a VAT number to check.

Do I Need to Provide any Cleaning Materials?

The majority of cleaning companies will arrive fully stocked with all the supplies and equipment that they may need. However, be sure to confirm this before you agree to the quotation and book the work.

How long should I wait before booking the cleaning after building works?

It is recommended to delay booking an after builders cleaning service until at least 48 hours after the builders have finished in your property. This allows plenty of time for the dust to settle.

Can I book a cleaning service whilst the builders are still working in my property?

Some companies may be more than happy to start on the builders cleans in specific areas of the property while builders are still working on other parts, in order to give you a clean and tidy living area. However, please bear in mind that they will not guarantee that the best results will be achieved from cleaning part way through the build’s completion. If there is more building work or renovation due to be done after the cleaning service, you should consider waiting until the works have been fully completed, in order to achieve the optimal results with the builders cleans.

What happens if the cleaners miss something during the builders cleans?

Although most professional cleaning company provide an excellent service some of them offer an additional guarantee with their work. This means that if you are unhappy with the service you receive they will reclean the property entirely free of charge. Although this is something that cannot be quantified financially this is something that should be considered when comparing prices.


If you have got this far then you should be a little more aware of after builders cleaning prices. Although the variables are numerous, and each builders cleaning is totally individual you should have an idea of how much the cleaning will cost and be aware of any hidden costs that need to be identified up front. You should now be able to request estimates and quotes from local cleaning companies and be confident that you should know what kind of figures to expect. 

Bear in mind however that the above figures are for illustration purposes only and there is no magic number that fits every single builders clean but you will feel more confident when asking for quotations for the work. For example, labour costs in London and the South East are a little higher than the rest of the country and this can soon mount up and make a difference to the total cost of your cleaning. Additionally, some urban areas will have issues with parking and access that will also have to be considered when pricing is calculated.

Although this isn’t the biggest expense you will ever face as a householder If you take the time to research your choice of builders cleaning company then you should receive the service that you deserve.

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